LIASB Special Event

Strengths-Based Leadership and Building Effective Teams Workshop

Date 2/12/2020
Time: 7:30 - 10:00am

Individuals who operate from a position of strength make very successful and effective leaders. Strength-based leadership involves identifying one's own individual personality strengths and learning how to use them to create success. Jim McGowan's workshop explores how leaders and their employees can use personal strengths to achieve team goals.

Jim will discuss:

  • Using Strengths-Based Leadership as a tool for success


Guest Speakers

Jim McGowan

Jim McGowan, Executive Director of Off Campus Administration, provides operational management and oversight to Adelphi University's extension centers and off campus programs. Jim holds two Masters Degrees in Psychology and is a certified School Psychologist. He frequently uses his expertise in human behavior to assist others in the business and corporate world.

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