Dream Wellness Institute

Gregg Baron - CEO
Dream Wellness Institute
3174 Middle Country Rd
Lake Grove, NY 11755
W: http://dreamwellness.com

At DREAM Wellness, we define wellness to the best of our ability. However, wellness has been one of the most misused words for the past decade. Many people incorrectly use it synonymously with health. (Rule of thumb; if it’s not spelled the same, it probably doesn’t mean the same!) Many practitioners use it the same as heatlh care. They actually call their medical offices, wellness centers because it seems to be “the word” to use.

When we refer to wellness, we are very conscious of the words we choose. If it doesn’t involve action, choices and lifestyle, then it isn’t really wellness. Again, we defined wellness as the complete integration of mind, body and spirit affecting not only your visible body parts, but also the trillions of cells that make up your entire body. It is a proactive approach toward creating physical, mental, social and spiritual harmony.