Murray Kleiner Associates, Inc.

16 Roxbury Avenue Plainview, NY 11803
P: 516.822.1381

The company’s founder and president, Murray Kleiner, started his career as an electrical engineer and worked for a number of Long Island companies including Grumman, Harris, and Sperry/Unisys. In 1994 he founded Murray Kleiner Associates, Inc. and immediately developed a niche within the technology sector providing technical writing services for engineering and manufacturing. When it became evident that just about every kind of business requires manuals and has training needs, he expanded his market base, which includes retail, real estate, franchises, and so on.

Those were the days of floppy disks and dial-up modems, and most of our work involved writing manuals. Today, our clients have the options of using interactive videos, animations, and online manuals that are accessible via CDs/DVDs and broadband. They add a whole new meaning to “user-friendly” by allowing your target audience to “look over your shoulder” as you demonstrate products to customers and provide training for employees.