George Floyd - The lessons we all need to learn

LIASB Borad of Directors


It is undeniable that what happened to George Floyd and so many before him is appalling and has highlighted the systemic disparities and racism that is seared into the fabric and soul of this great nation we call home, the United States of America.

Recent events have ripped the band aid off the great divides that have been festering and perpetuated by people in power for centuries. Racism is found everywhere in this great nation; in the disparities within communities, education, healthcare, business, and our government on every level.

For centuries people of color as well as lower to middle income whites have been systematically oppressed by those who control wealth and power in this country. While the American Dream is promoted, there are policies created that seemingly are for the benefit of “We the People” including Small Business, only to find that the deck is stacked against most.

  • COVID-19 relief funds went to big businesses and their executives first while Small Businesses went out of business.
  • COVID-19 devastated lower income communities black, brown, and white
  • Tax Incentives that favor the wealthy and big business also in the name of “We the People” while most small businesses, this middle class and especially the lower class do not reap the benefits

The protest and unrest sparked by George Floyd’s death has exposed the underbelly of the systemic problems in our country. If we do nothing to address and resolve the disparities and greed in this country that keeps the majority of its people (black, brown, and white), and small businesses lagging behind then nothing will change.

We have the chance to make unprecedented changes in this country, to right the ship and sail to peaceful waters. If we allow the few in power to control the narrative and promote disparities, people of color versus white, republican versus democrat, poor versus wealthy, then more unrest will surely come.

We live in the United States of America and it is good to see that the majority of its people are now standing United.