By: Jim Ryan

So often little changes can make a big difference. We all want to feel good during the day, so why not start as soon as you wake up? Tomorrow morning when you throw your legs over the side of the bed and stand up, pay attention to what you are thinking. Your thought could be.

"Thank God I can get out of bed by myself." Notice how saying that to yourself makes you feel good; gratitude for that simple mundane activity. I bet you know people who are not able to get out of bed by themselves and wish they could. That person could be you one day. Feel good by appreciating the ability to get out of bed by yourself.

Tomorrow also, notice what you are thinking as you walk down to the bathroom. I always get a laugh when I ask this question to my audiences. Your thought could be, "Thank God I have indoor plumbing." I'll bet that there are more people in this world who don't have indoor plumbing than do. When is the only time you think about your indoor plumbing?

That's right ... when it doesn't work. Appreciate your indoor plumbing every morning.

One evening in response to the question about your thoughts on the way to the bathroom, a woman raised her hand and offered, "Thank God MY plumbing works." How often do you take for granted the miracle of your body?

Start your day off right. Be grateful and feel good.

Start as soon as you wake up. It is a great practice every morning to give thanks for the ability to get out of bed by yourself. Number one you feel good by expressing your gratitude. But number two is even more important in the long run. You have consciously brought to mind a thought that makes you feel good. Feel free to expand on these two small points of gratitude. How about that warm shower, that comfy terry robe, those nice clothes in your closet, that morning beverage .... Feel good. Start as soon as you wake up and keep it going.

This could be the start of living a more conscious life; paying attention to the little mundane activities and turning them into opportunities to experience a little more joy and happiness in your life.

Mindfulness. Start as soon as you wake up.

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