Facebook Live is a new feature of Facebook that is becoming a great marketing tool. It marks an important trend in the social media and mobile technology worlds.


By tapping the live stream icon, you can broadcast right from your smart phone and write an optional description for the event.

Users following you can “tune in” to the broadcast. However, you can block certain viewers if desired. It might also take time for your viewers to be notified so keep talking until they get there.

The broadcast is live but it is not a one-shot deal. When you finish streaming, the video will go on your timeline until you delete it.

Facebook Live is currently only available to IOS users, with an Android version coming later.

Best Practices:

  1. Attract more followers. Users that follow you will be notified when you go live with a broadcast, so try to attract more regular “followers” on the platform. You can do so by presenting a quality livestream experience that your viewers enjoy.
  2. Let your users know in advance that you’re planning to broadcast. It won’t do you much good to broadcast if nobody’s prepared for it. Make an announcement—preferably several announcements—in advance to let your users know what they can expect.
  3. Check your connection. When you get ready to livestream, double check your connection speed and reliability, and use Wi-Fi if you can. Make sure that you have a strong signal. The last thing you want is for your stream to cut out in the middle of an important moment.
  4. Write an awesome headline. It’s technically not a headline, but a description. Either way, it’s what people will read before they decide to tune in, so make sure it’s accurate and compelling enough to encourage participation.
  5. Engage with your viewers. Show appreciation to your users and attract new ones by engaging with them. Ask for feedback, respond to questions, and make the experience as participatory as possible.


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Facebook Live is a new feature of Facebook that is becoming a great marketing tool. It marks an important trend in the social media and mobile technology worlds.


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