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Greetings. We hope that you have been doing well coping with our current situation. While we certainly had to endure trying times and disappointments, in addition to seeing problems, we are also seeing opportunities.

After things started closing down in early March, LIASB realized that if our organization was going to remain viable and, more importantly, relevant to the small companies on Long Island, we needed to adapt in order to continue to conduct our informative monthly meetings.

Hesitantly, we experimented with the emerging technologies for Internet meetings. Much to our delight, we discovered that our monthly virtual (Zoom) meetings were well received and were actually attracting larger audiences. In part, this was because they were more interactive, and we could easily record them.

We also came to realize that in addition to being a business organization, people were becoming interested in our group because they realized that we were not only providing useful information, we were also a pretty special club. A club made up of small business people just like them who wanted to help each other out, especially in these trying times.

LIASB is made up of people like these who would not only offer advice, but would also listen, which, for business people is equally as important.

At a recent meeting of the LIASB Board of Directors, we decided to capitalize on what we have learned in the past few months. Since it does not appear as if we will be going back to in-person meetings for a while, we are announcing a major change to our membership and dues policies. Please see the attached.


LIASB Board of Directors



Your renewal membership is effective until the end of the current calendar year.


You are welcome to attend 2 meetings for free. Thereafter, a $10 fee will be collected for each meeting. Alternatively, you can save money by joining LIASB for $125.00, which will allow you to attend all meetings for the rest of 2020 and all of 2021.


We think that our new dues policy is attractive to both current members and prospective members. For membership information and payment options click on the link below.

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Please note: LIASB is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. All members of the Board of Directors and invited presenters volunteer their services. They do not receive any compensation. However, we do have operating expenses that requires us to collect dues to remain viable.











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